A Java based Database Management solution I developed for Homeschool Iowa

  • Multithreaded Input/Output allows immediate Database interaction when loading

  • Uses Google's GEOLocation API to retrieve Latitude-Longitude, and County information for each entry

  • Uses Open States API for State Legislative District information of each entry

  • Allows user to find entries within a certain distance of an address, or city

  • Caches an offline database internally to allow user to do distance queries when no internet connection is available

  • Supports all major OS systems

PhotoCenter - HackISU Fall 2018

A locally hosted photo server with an Android app and a web interface written in 36 hours

  • Won Best UI Design

  • Developed alongside three others to create this project

  • Wrote native Android app in Java that communicates with the REST server written by my team

  • Includes browser interface written by others on the team

  • Fully async image loading from device and server

  • Perform batch upload of any images on your device to the server

Adventure's Conquest - HackISU Spring 2018

A top down 2D fighting game built in 36 hours

A small Python utility to backup files to an external drive

  • TkInter GUI

  • Dispatches file copying directly to OS, limiting portability of application to only Windows systems, but increasing performance

  • Extremely lightweight, uses no resources when not in use and virtually none when backing up